Current Graduate Students

Types of Assistantships

Assistantships are awarded only to graduate degree-seeking students with superior academic records and who qualify at the time of their enrollment as regular graduate students.  Students must also have an a graduate grade-point average of at least 3.0 (where applicable), and a Cleveland-Marshall College of Law grade point average of at least 3.25 (where applicable) to qualify for, and to retain, an assistantship.

Cleveland State University provides two types of graduate assistantships: 1) a Graduate Assistantship with a Scholarship and 2) a Graduate Assistantship without a Scholarship.


Both the existing GA with a scholarship and the new GA without a scholarship are described below. Please see the schedule of minimum stipends. The only change to this schedule is the inclusion of a 5 hour option for a GA without a scholarship.

Graduate Assistantship with a Scholarship

Includes a stipend and a scholarship for 10, 15, or 20 hours of service per week. The minimum stipends in effect will remain. Programs can exceed these minimums. Students receiving a GA with a scholarship must remain enrolled in a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester.

Graduate Assistantship without a Scholarship

Includes a stipend only (no scholarship) for 5, 10, 15, or 20 hours of service per week. The minimum stipends in effect will apply to this Assistantship, including a 5 hour of service per week option. Students receiving a GA without a scholarship must remain enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours per semester.

Teaching Assistantships

Graduate assistants may be assigned as an instructor for undergraduate courses and 500-level graduate courses. To teach 500-level graduate courses, the TA would need graduate faculty status, Level 3 or above. Non-native English speaking teaching assistants may not be assigned direct instructional activities until they have been assessed and certified as proficient in spoken English.

Teaching assistants can also assist departments by providing Instructional Support in carrying out undergraduate instructional programs. They aid faculty members in assembling classroom materials, leading class discussion groups, supervising laboratory sessions, tutoring, evaluating student performance, and carrying out other related instructional activities. Instructional Support can also include grading, proctoring, Black Board use, etc.

Research/Professional Development Assistantships

Graduate Assistants may work under the supervision of CSU faculty and/or staff member(s) in conducting research or performing activities relevant to their degree program. These graduate assistants are mentored by faculty or staff who are working in a variety of different areas; these experiences extend the students' research experience and professional development.

Graduate assistants also provide Institutional Support to CSU by working with university administrative functions such as recruiting, admissions, learning centers, writing labs, music performances, etc. Each assistantship is designed both to serve the needs of the University and to assist in the professional development of the student. Graduate Assistantships are regarded as apprenticeships during which, through formal instruction, interaction with faculty, classroom, research, and administrative experience, student become more effective as members of their chosen professional fields. Graduate assistants are regarded by the University as students first and University employees second. Students interested in applying for graduate assistantships should contact their graduate program directors.

In addition to graduate assistantships, limited financial aid is available in the form of fellowships, student loans, research grants. Students seeking assistance should contact the Financial Aid Office and the academic department of the program that they plan to enter for additional information. 

Note: Students who have applied for, or are receiving, federal student loans or other financial aid through the University may have their award eligibility adjusted if they receive a graduate assistantship.

Note on International Students

  • International Teaching Assistants - whose native language is other than English may not be assigned direct instructional activities until they have taken the "Speak Test." This will assess and certify a student as proficient in spoken English. Assessment and certification are conducted by the University Testing Center. For more information, click here.