Current Graduate Students

Forms - Current Students

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Undergraduate Student

Degree Student

Enrollment / Registration

  • Request to Return from Leave of Absence
    Students in good academic standing at Cleveland State who have not enrolled here for three or more consecutive semesters (including summer) and have not enrolled at another university or college can reenroll at Cleveland State.

Student Requests / Exceptions

Degree Completion

  • Thesis & Dissertation Proposal Approval Form 
    This form is required for approval prior to registration of Master's thesis or Doctoral dissertation credits.
  • Graduation
    All students are required to complete a graduation application on CampusNet well in advance of their projected graduation date. Students should consult their college advising offices before submitting their application.

Completion of Master Degree

Completion of Doctoral Degree

Completion of Certificate

  • Graduate Certificate Completion Form
    This form should be submitted by the student to the Graduate Program Director by no later than the end of the sixth week of the term when it is anticipated that all certificate requirements will be met. The Dean’s Office will verify certificate requirements met at the end of the final term. Certificates are normally awarded to students within six weeks of the end of the completion term.