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Upload Materials for Graduate Faculty Status

Effective Fall 2017, there is a new system in place for faculty to electronically upload materials for their graduate faculty status. The new features of this system include faculty being able to log in with their CSU ID and password, adding multiple attachments at once, and a simpler user interface.

Instructions to access the new system for uploading materials are below.

Note: Reviewers will also use the new system. Log in using via Steps 1 and 2 below, and then click the "Status Reviewer" hyperlink in the left sidebar.

Instructions to Upload Graduate Faculty Status

Please download the application form, which you will need to submit as an attachment when creating your submission.

Grad Status Step 1Step 1: Log in with your CSU ID and Password at:

Step 2: After you have successfully logged in to Engage 365, visit:

Step 3: Follow the instructions that are on the screen; click the "(+) New Item" button.

Grad Status Step 3

Step 4: Enter your CSU ID and select a semester. Then, click "Add attachments." You can select multiple attachments at once. Be sure to only attach PDFs.

Grad Status Step 4

Step 5: Click "Save." Confirm that your submission is in the list. You can hover over the paper clip icon to see your attachments, or click the "Edit" icon next to it to edit your submission.

Grad Status Step 5

Your submission is now complete, and you can close the website.